HappyMelvin in short!

Independent photographer and artist with a special relationship with our nature, and all the beautiful things in it.
Turning my own personal photos into wall art and home decor, in an effort to bring some wanderlust and nature back into our homes.
Making artworks from time to time that have a connection with nature, and the relationship between us.

Always had a love for art and design, and eventually picked up a camera a few years back in hope to capture the emotions in nature.
Big or small nature, they are all important and filled with energy.
And sometimes the smallest things carry the most emotions in nature, you just have to look and observe.

Wandering around in nature with my photography gear leaves me in a state of solitude, and here i feel most at home.
Taking my time and just sucking it all in, and pretty much feeling one with nature.

The process afterwards is the tricky one, and often keeps me working long hours, trying to pull out the feelings I had when shooting the photo.
Sometimes it works well, sometimes it´s just impossible to transfer to a piece of wall art.
That´s nature I guess...

I´ve spent numerous hours in nature(which is a good thing) as well as many late nights learning photography and all things surrounding it.
And spent a lot of saved money on photography gear and trips.

Every single photo or artwork of mine have a personal name, often the first thing that comes to mind when i´m done and look at it.
And I have a special relationship and connection with each photo or artwork, as they are genuine my own.
And NOT to be compared to the works being sold using stockphotos and such, which carry no connection between seller and photo/artwork.

HappyMelvin, is the name I wanted to use when going into being a independent photographer and artist.
And comes from the fact that I became a father to a lovely son(Melvin) a few years back.
A son who almost always met up with a smile, and seemed so happy.

Hence, the name HappyMelvin was born.

And I dedicate all things leaving me my lovely son Melvin.

My photos can be found elsewhere on the web, but I feel most at home here where I can have a personal connection with the buyers and supporters of me.
And this shop is essential for me to continue doing this.

Huge Thank You to all who supports me in this adventure, and enables me to continue!

This is me.

/Ulf Härstedt

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